We understand how frustrating it can be to spend time talking to investors, bankers, and analysts on seemingly endless roadshows and receiving limited or biased feedback.

Marketing takes your attention away from operations and often seems entirely pointless. However, when you run a public company, or a company looking to go public, it seems to be a necessary evil. But is it? At Adelaide, we don’t believe in wasting your time or ours.

Let us reduce the time you spend on capital markets requirements. Then you can focus on what matters to you: building your business.

We have a detailed understanding of

  • the sell side
  • the buy side
  • retail advisors
  • institutional investors
  • high net worth investors

We speak the language, we understand the nuances of different investment strategies, we know what questions are likely to be asked, and what strategies may be employed. We can navigate a seemingly complex and opaque system so you don’t have to.